AI Content Generator Component Setup Guide

This documentation aims to explain you the basics of the component install and setup

AI Content Generator Component Setup Guide


  1. Video about Setup and Installation
  2. Download
  3. Install
  4. Setup
  5. OpenAI Api Key
  6. Creating first content
  7. Content Backbone
  8. Finalize Content

Video Guide

You can watch the full video here :


After purchasing, our system will instantly send you an email. This email contains your login credentials.

After login, you can reach the download section.

You will download the package :


You must unzip this package.

It contains 2 folders : Joomla4 and Joomla3

If you are still using Joomla 3, please use the component inside the Joomla 3 folder.

If you are using Joomla 4, use the component inside the Joomla4 folder.

You can find the Joomla Installer in the admin area of your Joomla website, 
link : administrator/index.php?option=com_installer&view=install

Click to install and select the correct package and install.

You will receive a success message after successful installation.


Now you can start the installation of the extension. Find the extension in the components dropdown.

Extension name : AI Content Generator will appear at components dropdown list.

OpenAI API Key

You must enter the OpenAI API key.  Visit and create your free account 

If you do not enter this key, you can not use OpenAI to generate the content.

You can get your API Key for free and there is a free usage for each phone number/person. You can use this free usage limits.

Get your key after login at

Creating your first content by using AI

  • Click to NEW button
  • Let's create a very simple content without changing any parameter. Only enter a topic.
  • Enter the topic, e.g. Italian Cuisine,
  • Enter the number of Headlines, e.g. 3
  • Click to SAVE button.

When the page reloads, system starts to work and asks Open AI to create Headlines for this topic.

Content Backbone

Now you have a backbone for the content! A tagline ( slogan ), Introduction and Conclusion + Headlines are ready!

You will get 3 Headlines ( because you requested this amount if you want you can ask more ) about this topic, you can add - edit - remove this headlines.

If you are agree with this headlines, now, you can create the final content!

Finalize Content

When you are satisfied with the content backbone, now you can finalize the content. Click to FINALIZE CONTENT button and it is ready in a few minutes!